Diabetic Care and Management Program

The Diabetic CareSenior man having a healthy breakfast Program at Suburban Home Health Care will include a full assessment of all body systems with an emphasis on the endocrine system as related to diabetes. The primary goal of our Diabetic Care Program is to foster the independence of the client and to eventually allow for the patient to manage their diabetic status.

Processes Treated:

Diabetic acidosis
Diabetic ulcers
Diabetes with all associated manifestations


    healthy diet

  • Glucose monitoring via finger stick testing and venipuncture
  • Insulin administration/prefills
  • Oral diabetic medication management
  • Establish parameters for blood sugar ranges and MD reportable values
  • Nutritional education
  • Assess for adverse effects to medication therapy
  • Diabetic ulcer treatment provided by WOCN certified nurse
  • Signs and symptoms of disease processes to report to RN/MD.