Medication Management Program

Our program is designed to assist the patient with managing their medications in addition to assessing the individual medical needs of the patient. We offer daily and or intermittent visits to provide the patient with their medications as their condition dictates per their MD’s orders.


To qualify for our services, patients with Medicaid as their sole insurance provider must meet the following criteria:

The patient must have a history or underlying medical condition which prevents them from safely self administering their oral and/or injectable medications. This can include patients with a history of medication non compliance, underlying psychiatric conditions, diabetes, and or any other conditions which would prevent the safe administration of any forms of medication.

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If the patient has Medicare as their sole insurance provider, the patient must be home-bound in order to qualify for any home care services. Currently, Medicare will pay for the following types of med management services:

Daily or twice daily insulin administration, if the patient meets medical criteria and or if the patient does not have a caregiver to administer their medication.

*Special Note: Medicare services must be intermittent. Only acute medical conditions will be covered under Medicare short term; if a patient’s condition becomes chronic Medicare will not provide coverage.

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Dually Eligible:

If a patient has Medicaid and Medicare, there has to be medical need for a skilled service for our agency to provide medication management and/or the absence of a responsible caregiver.

Special Insurance:

For all managed insurances (SCO, NHP, etc), prior authorization for service is mandatory. For more information please contact our office.