Neuromuscular Physical Therapy

Suburban Home Health Care has a Neuromuscular Physical Therapy Program that is physician directed and managed by a certified strength and conditioning specialist.


    Senior woman working with weights in gym
  • The aging neuromuscular system in men and women still responds to strength training
  • Proprioception vs. neuromuscular control
  • Intensity and duration
  • Basic principles for optimal performance: Specificity, progressive overload, and individualization

Program Features:

  • Physician directed program
  • Conduct needs analysis of individual
  • Incorporate power exercises to improve dynamic explosiveness
  • Weight bearing and non weight bearing multiple joint exercise
  • General physical conditioning
  • Program managed by a certified strength and conditioning specialist/physical therapist


  • Increase patient strength for activities of daily living
  • Correction of gait disturbances
  • Prevention of falls and improved balance
  • Improved stair climbing and walking
  • Increased mobility
  • Promote independent living and delay threshold of dependency