Telehealth Monitoring

telehealth cycle
Telehealth monitoring provides the technology to help nurses monitor and respond much more quickly to patients’ needs. It measures weight, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and oxygen saturation. Whether dealing with heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, or COPD, the ability to quickly respond to changes in a patient’s condition is significant in maintaining a healthy patient.

How Telehealth works:

  1. Our clinicians install the Telehealth equipment and train the patient on its proper use.
  2. The patient takes their vital signs and answers personalized, clinician-directed surveys.
  3. Results are automatically sent to Suburban via a land line or cellular signal.
  4. Our agency monitors the patient daily and alerts our patient care team if any results fall outside predefined limits.

Your Physician will receive trending reports from our agency and will also have access to patient information through a secure web portal.